Microsoft Windows 10 Education for Students, Teachers, Faculty and Staff

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This e-Learning courseware will provide experiences and skills to students, Teachers, Faculty and Staff with the training that they need to management, deployment, install and configure  fundamentals, environments, devices and resources on Windows 10 Education.


This e-Learning courseware is intended for students, Teachers, Faculty and Staff who take part in Installing, Configuring, management and deployment Windows 10 Education.

After completing this e-Learning courseware, you will be able to work with below features in Windows 10 Education:

  • Work on Windows 10 Education
  • Personalize your working environment
  • Manage and configure on folders and files
  • Peripheral devices
  • User accounts and settings
  • Network
  • Storage resources
  • Computer settings
  • Power and access options
  • Work with apps and Internet

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If you require any questions on this courseware don’t hesitate to ask.
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Start e-Course: 18 June 2018
Study me: Online, Self-paced
Duration: Part-time
Version: English, Turkish

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