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Star IT Euro is specializes in creating e-Learning content, engaging, and entertaining learning experiences that incorporate innovation and creativity to enhance learner retention. Depending on customer needs, our products on the e-Learning content could include video, audio, training animations and simulations, interactive scenarios or gamification.



Star IT Euro offers a wide range of authorised and bespoke IT courseware catering for both end users and technical personnel. We create the highest quality eLearning courseware curriculum possible, ensuring you receive the training and knowledge needed to succeed. We use the latest techniques in your learning by our courseware including animations, simulations, case studies, behavior modeling, group discussion and skill building. The emphasis is on courseware technology rather than theory.

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digiBook (Interactive Book) is a type of digital book that specially designed for universities, colleges, institutes, schools, education centres and publishers. Our digiBook technology, will convert any educational books in any levels of education to a digital form that can increase students’ learning and creativity. This new technology, will be very easily accessible and works on Windows, iOS and Android operating systems and the content can include texts, sound, photo galleries, movies, 2D/ 3D animations, simulations, interactive questionnaires and games.

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Star IT Euro offer a new product on a new technology with name digiBrochure for each type of companies and or manufactures. It can incorporates all descriptions of the companies products to electronically with Text, Sound, Photo Gally, Movie, 2D/ 3D Animations, Simulation and Interactive on Pdf format. Our digiBrochure productions will be used on the Windows, iOS and Android operating systems.

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The Star IT Euro is producer on e-Learning products, solutions and services, develops digital learning content, courseware, digiBook (Interactive Book), digiBrochure (Interactive Brochure) and IT Training and Education services. The Star IT Euro was formed in England (the main office) and Turkey (the Middle East office). Star IT Euro has over 15 years of experience working with more than 10700 hours of e-Learning productions, digital learning content developments, courseware, digiBooks and IT Training for more than 55 clients in Europe and in the Middle East and our team are specialised in wide range of e-Learning, digiBooks, digiBrochures and IT targeting with the aim of providing Information Technology development targeting all of the educational sectors with offering solutions, services and products to all countries around the world. Star IT Euro can help you tap into this repository by creating custom e-Content based on your training needs. Custom e-Content is designed to meet the specific learning objectives defined by any educational center, company or organisation.

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The Star IT Euro team has expertise in instructional design and standards compliant in eLearning sectors, coursewares, digibooks and digiBrochures developments for a variety of domains such as universities, colleges and educations centres, Pr-K and K-12 schools, companies, educational publishers and any other entities which are intended to develop their learning structures and enter the modern era of educational affairs. We offer our products, services and solutions by the last our methods and technologies to each organizations.

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Star IT Euro is a Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Authorized Education Partner (AEP). Through the AEP program we are able to supply Microsoft products at academic prices to education establishments. We determine Academic Volume Licensing to Qualified Educational Users (QEUs). We are a Microsoft Education Indirect Reseller on the CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) program.

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You have many choices when you look for an e-Learning partner. We want to be your partner. We think we are different from others - in a good way. Here's how and why our customers’ satisfaction matters to us. Since we started creating training e-courses, our customers have achieved better efficiency and a larger Return on investment. e-learning also saves on the cost of training considerably. The biggest benefit being the fact that it is reusable. We believe in the potential of every student. We believe teachers deserve more time to teach and we believe, with the right tools, everything is possible.